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The COGIC Story

THE CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST is a Church of the Lord Jesus Christ in which the word of God is preached, ordinances are administered and the doctrine of sanctification or holiness is emphasized, as being essential to the salvation of mankind.

Our Church is commonly known as being Holiness or Pentecostal in nature because of the importance ascribed to the events which occurred on the Day of Pentecost, the 50th day after the Passover, or Easter as being necessary for all believers in Christ Jesus to experience.

On the Day of Pentecost, the first day of the week, the Lord's Day, Supernatural Manifestations descended in marvelous copiousness and power. The gift of the spirit in the fulfillment of the promise of Jesus to clothe those who would wait in Jerusalem with power from on high, was accompanied by three supernatural extraordinary manifestations.

The sudden appearance of the Holy Ghost appealed first to the ear. The disciples heard a "sound" from heaven which rushed with a mighty force into the house and filled it--even as a storm rushes--but there was no wind. It was the sound that filled the house and not a wind, an invisible cause producing audible effects.

Next, the eye was arrested by the appearance of tongues of fire which rested on each of the gathered COMPANY. Finally, there was the impartation of a new strange power to speak in languages they had never learned "as the Spirit gave them Utterance."

Our Church is also considered to be a member of the great Protestant body though it did not directly evolve from the European or English Reformation but had its origin within the General Association to the Baptist Church.

Elder Charles Harrison Mason, who later became the founder and organizer of the Church of God in Christ, was born September 8,1866, on the Prior Farm near Memphis, Tennessee. His father and mother, Jerry and Eliza Mason, were members of a Missionary Baptist Church, having been converted during the dark crises of American Slavery.

Young C.H. Mason

Elder Mason was converted in November, 1878, and baptized by his brother, I.S. Nelson, a Baptist Preacher, who was pastoring the Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church near Plumerville, Arkansas. In 1893, he began his Christian Ministry with the accepting of ministerial licenses from the Mt. Gale Missionary Baptist Church, in Preston, Arkansas.

He then experienced sanctification through the word of God and preached his first sermon in "Holiness" from II Timothy 2:1-3: "Thou therefore endure hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ." On November 1, 1893, Elder Mason matriculated into the Arkansas Baptist College, but withdrew after three months because of his dissatisfaction with the methods of teaching and the presentation of the Bible message. He then returned to the streets and to every pulpit that was opened to him declaring Christ by the word, example, and precept.

In 1895, Bishop Mason met Elder C.P. Jones of Jackson, Mississippi; Elder J.E. Jeter, of Little Rock, Arkansas; and Elder W.S. Pleasant of Hazelhurst, Mississippi, who subsequently became Bishop Mason's closest companions in the ministry.

Jointly, these militant gospel preachers conducted a revival in 1896, in Jackson, Mississippi, which had far-reaching affects on the city.

The theophanic manifestations of the revival, which included the large numbers that were converted, sanctified, and healed by the power of faith and the dogmatic teachings of Bishop Mason on the doctrine of sanctification caused church doors within the Baptist association to become closed to him and to all those that believed and supported his teachings.

So in 1897, when these pioneering, persistent preachers returned to Jackson, Mississippi, Bishop Mason was forced to deliver his first message from the south entrance of the courthouse. A Mr. John Lee, who desired to see Bishop Mason's ministry continue, provided the living room of his home the next night. Because of the overwhelming number that attended, a Mr. Watson, the owner of an abandoned warehouse in Lexington, Mississippi, gave his consent to transfer the revival meeting to the gin house on the bank of a little creek.

This gin house subsequently became the meeting house for the Church of God in Christ. This miracle deliverance revival was such a success it stirred up the "Devil", causing someone to shoot five pistol shots and two double barreled shotgun blasts into the midst of the saints while they were shouting and praying. Some persons were wounded but miraculously, none of the shots were fatal.

At the close of the meeting, it was necessary to organize the people for the purpose of establishing a church with a stronger appeal and greater encouragement for all Christians and believers, a church which would emphasize the doctrine of entire sanctification through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

A meeting was mutually called by Elder Mason, Elder Jones, and Elder Pleasant, and sixty stood as charter members. Land was soon bought on Gazoo Street, from Mrs. John Ashcraft, just beyond the corporate line, upon which was built a little edifice 60x40. These charter members formed a Pentecostal body known as the "Church of God."

Subsequently, in 1897, while seeking a spiritual name which would distinguish the church from others of the similar title, the name "Church of God in Christ" was revealed to Bishop mason while walking along a certain street in Little Rock, Arkansas. The following scripture supported his revelation: I Thessalonians 2:14, "For ye brethren became followers of the Churches of God which in Judea are in Christ Jesus: for ye have suffered like things of your own countrymen even as they have of the Jews." All of the brethren unanimously agreed to the name of "Church of God in Christ."

Later, the church was reorganized during which Elder C.P. Jones was chosen as General Overseer. Elder C.H. Mason was appointed as overseer of Tennessee, and Elder J.A. Jeter was overseer of Arkansas. The turning point in Elder Mason's life came in March, 1907, when he journeyed to Los Angeles, California, to attend a great Pentecostal revival with Elder D.J. Young and Elder J.A. Jeter. Elder W.J. Seymour was preaching concerning Luke 24:49, "And behold I send the promise of my Father upon you; but tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem until ye be endued with power from on high." Elder Mason became convinced that it was essential for him to have the outpouring of the Holy ghost.

The following are excerpts from Elder Mason's personal testimony regarding his receiving the Holy Ghost.

"The first day in the meeting I sat to myself, away from those that went with me. I began to thank God in my heart for all things, for when I heard some speak in tongues, I knew it was right though I did not understand it. Nevertheless, it was sweet to me.

I also thank God for Elder Seymour who came and preached a wonderful sermon. His words were sweet and powerful and it seems that I hear them now while writing. When he closed his sermon, he said 'All of those that want to be sanctified or baptized with the Holy Ghost, go to the upper room; and all those that want to be justified, come to the altar.'

I said that is the place for me, for it may be that I am not converted and if not, God knows it and can convert me..."


"The second night of prayer I saw a vision. I saw myself standing alone and had a dry roll of paper in my mouth trying to swallow it. Looking up towards the heavens, there appeared a man at my side. I turned my eyes at once, then I awoke and the interpretation came.

God had me swallowing the whole book and if I did not turn my eyes to anyone but God and Him only, He would baptize me. I said yes to Him, and at once in the morning when I arose, I could hear a voice in me saying, " I see..."

"I got a place at the altar and began to thank God. After that, I said Lord if I could only baptize myself, I would do so; for I wanted the baptism so bad I did not know what to do. I said, Lord, You will have to do the work for me; so I turned it over into His hands."

"Then, I began to ask for the baptism of the Holy Ghost according to Acts 2:41, which readeth thus: 'Then they that gladly received His word were baptized,' Then I saw that I had a right to be glad and not sad."

"The enemy said to me, there may be something wrong with you. Then a voice spoke to me saying, if there is anything wrong with you, Christ will find it and take it away and marry you...Someone said, 'Let us sing.' I arose and the first song that came to me was 'He brought me out of the Miry Clay.'

The Spirit came upon the saints and upon me...Then I gave up for the Lord to have His way within me. So there came a wave of Glory into me and all of my being was filled with the Glory of the Lord.

So when He had gotten me straight on my feet, there came a light which enveloped my entire being above the brightness of the sun. When I opened my mouth to say Glory, a flame touched my tongue which ran down me. My language changed and no word could I speak in my own tongue. Oh! I was filled with the Glory of the Lord. My soul was then satisfied."

This new Pentecostal experience which Elder Mason found for himself, for he began to proclaim to others upon his return home to Memphis, Tennessee as a New Testament doctrine. A division, subsequently, became evident within the ranks of Elder Mason's contemporaries when Elder J. A. Jeter, the General Overseer, Elder C. P. Jones, and others regarded the new Holy Ghost experience of speaking in tongues as a delusion. Being unable to resolve their difference in the New Testament doctrine.

The General Assembly terminated by withdrawing the "right hand" of fellowship from C. H. Mason. Elder Mason then called a conference in Memphis, Tennessee of all ministers who believed in receiving the baptism of the Holy Ghost according to the scriptures in Acts 2:1-4. Those who responded to Elder Mason's urgent call were E. R. Driver, J.Bowe, R.R. Booker, R. E. Hart, W. Welsh, A. A. Blackwell, E. M. Page, R.H. I. Clark, D. J. Young, James Brewer, Daniel Spearman and J. H. Boone.

These men of God organized the first Pentecostal General Assembly of the "Church of God in Christ." Overseer C. H. Mason was then chosen unanimously as the General Overseer and Chief Apostle of our denomination. He was given complete authority to establish doctrine, organize auxiliaries and appoint overseers.

Dr. Hart was appointed Overseer of Tennessee; Elder J.A. Lewis was appointed Overseer of Tennessee; Elder J. Bowe the Overseer of Arkansas; later J. A. Lewis was appointed Overseer of Mississippi. As the church grew, Elder E. M. Page was appointed Overseer of Texas; Elder R.R. Booker, Overseer of Missouri; Elder E. R. Driver, Overseer of California and Elder W. B. Holt as the National Field Secretary.

As the Chief Apostle, he immediately dedicated twenty days, November 25th through December 14th annually as a meeting time for all of his followers to fellowship with each other and to transact all ecclesiastical and secular affairs pertinent to the growth of the National Organization.

This segment of the year was chosen because the majority of the communicants of the church lived in farming districts of Mississippi, Tennessee and Arkansas. By this time of the year, they had sufficient provisions and financial resources from the harvesting of their crops, to enable them to attend and support a national meeting.

The first National meetings were held at 392 South Wellington Street, Memphis, Tennessee. The first National Tabernacle was built and completed at 958 South Fifth Street, in 1925.

This Tabernacle, however, was destroyed by fire twelve years later in 1936. In the interim until 1945, our National Convocation was held within the Church pastored by Bishop Mason at 672 South Lauderdale. In1945, Bishop Mason was able to visualize the culmination of his dream. He dedicated the Mason Temple at Memphis, Tennessee which was built for less than $400,000 during World War II. This auditorium became the largest convention hall owned by any colored religious group in America.

Under Bishop Mason's spiritual and apostolic direction our church has grown from ten congregations in 1907, to the largest Pentecostal group in America. The membership of the Church of God in Christ grew from three million in 1973 to an estimated 5.2 million in 1997.

Churches under the parent body in Memphis, Tennessee, are now established throughout the United States, on every continent, and in many of the islands of the sea.

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Temple of Deliverance - "Praise Break"

Tribute to Bishop G.E. Patterson

Bishop Charles E. Blake is the presiding Bishop of the Church of God In Christ (COGIC)

This church has been very blessed to have such great leadership, and under t he leadership of Bishop Blake we can expect to continue to experience the mighty hand of God upon this organization. Following behind the awesome direction of the late Bishop Gilbert E. Patterson who is responsible for much of the recent success and worldwide exposure and growth of the church, Bishop Blake is carrying the mantle forward to a greater and higher plain than we have ever seen. One can only expect such extraordinary movements to come as we observe the achievements and powerful ministries both domestic and abroad of Bishop Blake. His church West Angeles Church of God in Christ is very well known globally for its outreach in the local community, nation and world. Let us all continue to pray and hold fast to our profession of faith , as through God’s grace and mercy and the faithfulness of His word, we advance the kingdom of God and reach depths and heights never known under the new leadership of Bishop Charles E. Blake.

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Purchase a copy of the Homegoing Services for Bishop G.E. Patterson

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of the Homegoing services of Bishop Gilbert Earl Patterson, they will be available after Thursday April 12, 2007. Please call Bountiful Blessings Ministries at 1-800 544-3571 to place your order!

Available for Purchase

DVD (1 service) $30.00
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Biographical Sketch Of Bishop G. E. Patterson

Biographical Sketch Of Bishop G. E. Patterson

Bishop G. E. Patterson was born September 22, 1939 to Bishop and Mrs. W. A. Patterson, Sr. in Humboldt, Tennessee. He has been a gospel Minister for over forty years, having accepted his calling at age 17. He was ordained as an Elder in the Church of God in Christ in 1957 by Bishop J. S. Bailey in Detroit, Michigan.

Bishop G. E. Patterson is a scholar as well as a minister. He attended Lemoyne-Owen College in Memphis, Tennessee, Detroit Bible Institute and holds an honorary doctorate from Oral Roberts University. Bishop Patterson is a contributing writer in the Spirit Filled Life Bible (KJV) which was edited by Dr. Jack Hayford.

Bishop Patterson is a pastor. Bishop Patterson founded Temple of Deliverance in 1975 and twenty-five years later Temple of Deliverance Church of God in Christ has more than 13,000 members on roll with more than 6,000 active members. In May 1999, Bishop Patterson and Temple of Deliverance Church of God in Christ entered their New Worship Center which cost approximately 13 million dollars and seats approximately 5000. It is one of the fastest growing congregations in the country. Because the church has three facilities, it is described as “One church in three locations.” During his ministerial career, Bishop Patterson has organized 7 churches across the country.

Bishop Patterson is a visionary. He is the founder/president of Bountiful Blessings Ministries which is viewed nationwide and internationally on the BET and TBN cable networks and a variety of local television stations throughout the country. He is the editor and publisher of the Bountiful Blessings Magazine with a distribution list of over 100,000 individuals. He is the president and general manager of WBBP Radio, a 5000 watt, full gospel radio station. He is President of Podium Records, a newly formed record label whose fist project, Bishop G. E. Patterson Presents Rance Allen and the Soul Winner’s Conference Choir, was nominated for a 1999 Grammy Award.

Bishop Patterson is a churchman. On November 14, 2000, Bishop G. E. Patterson was elected as Presiding Bishop of the Church of God in Christ, Inc. He is the jurisdictional Prelate of Tennessee Fourth Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction and a member of the General Board of the Church of God in Christ, Inc. He is one of the most sought out speakers in the country.

Bishop Patterson has been married to his beautiful wife, Louise for 33 years.

(Taken from bbless.org)

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Bishop G.E. Patterson - Funeral Service Program



Organ Prelude

The Processional
• The Acolytes
• The Ecumenical and Denominational Leaders
• The National Elected and Appointed Officers
• The Board of Bishops
• The General Officers
• The Adjutant General
• The General Board
• The Assistant Presiding Bishops

The Patterson Family

The Sealing of the Bier

Opening Sentences The Right Reverend Samuel L. Green Jr.
• Member, General Board

Hymn of Comfort The Right Reverend Matthew Willaims

• "Come Unto Me" Adjutant General
• The Choir and Congregation

Invocation The Right Reverend Jerry W. Macklin
• Member, General Board

Old Testament Scripture The Right Reverend Nathaniel W. Wells
• Member, General Board

Choral Response The C.H. Mason Memorial Choir

New Testament Scripture The Right Reverend Leroy R. Anderson
• Member, General Board

Affirmation of Faith The Right Reverend Philip A. Brooks
• Member, General Board

Anthem The C.H. Mason Memorial Choir

Acknowledgements of The Right Reverend Roy L.H. Winbush
• Civic and Religious Leaders Assistant Secretary, General Board

William Jefferson Clinton
• 42nd President of the United States

Reflections from The White House The Honorable Alphonso Jackson
• Secretary, Housing and Urban Development
• Official Representative of Pres. George W. Bush

Ecumenical Tribute The Right Reverend James B. Leggett
• General Superintendent, International Pentecostal Holiness Church
• Chairman, Pentecostal World Fellowship

Selection The C.H. Mason Memorial Choir


Department of Women Mother Willie Mae Rivers

• General Supervisor

Council of Pastors & Elders The Reverend Derrick Hutchins
• Chairman

Board of Bishops The Right Reverend John Henry Sheard
• Chairman

General Assembly The Right Reverend James Oglethorpe Patterson Jr. • Chairman

Selection The C.H. Mason Memorial Choir


General Church The Reverend J. Harley Lyles Jr.
• General Secretary (Interim)

General Board The Right Reverend Wilbur W. Hamilton

• Secretary, General Board

Introduction of Eulogist The Right Reverend Chandler D. Owens
• Former Presiding Bishop

Sermonic Hymn The Right Reverend Matthew Williams
• "Amazing Grace" Adjutant General
• The Choir and Congregation

Eulogy The Right Reverend Charles E. Blake
• First Assistant Presiding Bishop

Prayer of Comfort The Right Reverend George D. McKinney
• Member, General Board


The Future of the Church of God In Christ

While many may raise question as to the future of the Church of God In Christ there are many who still believe thatthis church has really just begun to start making a major impact on the world. With the loss of one of the greatest leaders of any denomination oin Christendom, one might assume that the cogic is in great dilemna and despair. The opposite is true however. With great leaders at the helm with names like Bishop Charles E. Blake, Bishop W.W. Hamilton, Bishop J.W. Macklin, and Bishop J.N. Haynes to name a few; this church is positioned for great success. One must only continue to look up and realize that what the Lord does is purpose and destiny driven. God never makes mistakes and will accomplish all that was set to be completed. Let's stand together and salute the great leaders of the Churches of God in Christ and endeavor to build and strengthen one another with the pormises of the word of God. We can , we shall, we will, we must not just survive but win!!

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Get a Copy of the Homegoing Services

In order to purchase a copy of the Homegoing services for Bishop G.E. Patterson you must contact the Bountiful Blessings Ministries. Give them a call directly at
1-800 544-3571 and get your tapes today.

"Keep The Faith"


Bishop G.E. Patterson's Church Choir - "Voices of Bountiful Blessings"

"What is This"

What did you take from this Message?
How did it bless you, and what key points did you remember?

"Vicarious Victory "

What did you take from this Message?
How did it bless you, and what key points did you remember?

Bishop Gilbert E. Patterson - Presiding Bishop of Church of God In Christ, Inc.

Bishop Gilbert Earl Patterson was born in 1939 to Bishop W. A. and Mrs. Mary Patterson, Sr. in Humboldt, Tennessee. He was reared in Memphis, Tennessee and Detroit, Michigan. Bishop J. S. Bailey ordained him in 1958 as an elder in the Church of God in Christ. In 1962, Bishop Patterson became co-pastor with his father at Holy Temple Church of God in Christ in Memphis, Tennessee. Bishop Patterson continued his pastorate in 1975 as the founder and pastor of Temple of Deliverance, the Cathedral of the Bountiful Blessings in Memphis, Tennessee. Today, Temple of Deliverance Church of God in Christ is one of the nation's fastest growing congregations with over 12,000 on its membership roll. The church is located at 369 G. E. Patterson Avenue.

Temple of Deliverance also serves as the home church base for the rapidly growing Bountiful Blessings Ministries (BBM) which is viewed internationally on BET and TBN cable networks weekly, as well as on local TV stations throughout the nation. BBM has a mailing list of over 100,000 active donors from outside the Memphis viewing audience. Bishop Patterson is founder and president of BBM.

Bishop Patterson is a learned minister. He has studied at the Detroit Bible Institute, and LeMoyne Owen College in Memphis, Tennessee. He holds an honorary Doctorate from Oral Roberts University and is the president of the Charles H. Mason Bible College of Tennessee Fourth Jurisdiction in Memphis, Tennessee. Bishop Patterson is the publisher of Bountiful Blessings Magazine and a contributing writer in the Spirit Filled life Bible (King James Version) published by Thomas Nelson Publishers and edited by Dr. Jack W. Hayford. In July 2002, Whitaker House Publishers released Bishop Patterson's first book entitled "Here Comes The Judge".

Bishop Patterson is a 20th century Apostle of Jesus Christ. He is a renowned national speaker, known for his simplistic messages that transcend all barriers of race, gender, age and walks of life for people around the globe. One of his themes, "Be healed, be delivered, and be set free" has become a popular expression. The nation demand for audio and video tapes is overwhelming. Bishop Patterson is the president and general manager of the Memphis based Radio Station WBBP (1480 AM), a full time gospel station with over 100,000 daily listeners.

Bishop Patterson humbly serves God and his community through the ministries he has established at Temple of Deliverance Church (TOD). These ministries have a positive and direct impact on: unemployment-TOD employs over 100 people and has over 100 local and national vendors; wellness-TOD is a member of the Church Health Center; education-TOD issues scores of $1,000 scholarships annually to students entering or returning to colleges or universities; family life-a prayer ministry with more than 40 telephone lines and a prison ministry that serves in the Criminal Justice Center and the Penal Farm in Memphis, Tennessee. There are numerous other ministries at TOD that address the needs of the community.

Bishop Patterson is a leader of church leaders. He is the Presiding Bishop of Church of God in Christ, Incorporated. Bishop Patterson has helped finance many local churches and helped organize seven other churches across the nation.

Bishop Patterson has been married to his lovely wife, Louise D. Patterson for 35 years. We are proud to present to you this highly respected and committed man of God.

(Taken from bbless.org)

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Bishop G.E. Patterson has taken the COGIC church from being noticed to being watched!

In the year 2002 an interview was conducted with Bishop G.E. Patterson regarding the rapid growth of the Church of God In Christ. It had been observed that although the COGIC church was not clearly familiar by many Americans, it was making swift strides and at that time becoming the fourth largest Christian movement in America. Takes some time a read this interview from NOvember 1, 2002 regarding the growth of the Church of God in Christ on the site Religion & Ethics News Weekly. After you read this article come back and share your response to it and it's relevance to the COGIC church today.

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Watch Bishop G. E. Patterson Funeral Services

The Funeral Services for our beloved Bishop Gilbert Earl Patterson were nothing less than immaculate and honorable. If you were not privieldge to witness any of the three services, take the time now and view them online as we all remember the life, and ministry of a great man, the General, Bishop G.E. Patterson.

Thursday March 29, 2007
Local Homegoing Service - Part 1

Friday March 30, 2007
Jurisdictional Homegoing Service - Part 1

Jurisdictional Homegoing Service - Part 2

Saturday March 31, 2007

National Homegoing Service - Part 1

National Homegoing Service - Part 2

National Homegoing Service - Part 3

The Life & Death of Bishop Gilbert E. Patterson - Prelate of the Churches of God In Christ Worldwide

Our Bishop, Our Pastor, Our Friend,

An humble servant, A powerful Man

Full of the spirit, Endowed with great strength

If only his life would have allowed for great length

We Love & Miss the

Music, the Message & the Ministry of our Leader!


The LAST time I was able to hear or see Bishop G.E. Patterson was…….

We remember the life and legacy of Bishop G.E. Patterson. Whether we saw him on Sunday morning on T.V. preaching to us before Sunday services or heard him on the radio, or listened to him singing the OLD Time Way Hymns and spiritual songs and music on our CD players. He made an impact, and so we remember him in so many different ways. When was the last time you were able to see or hear Him before he departed t his life…..SHARE IT, it is a special time to reflect!


Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Order Your Copy of: “The Homegoing Services of Bishop G.E. Patterson”

What an awesome service and unforgetable time of honoring and celebrating the life and legacy of our beloved Bishop, Pastor and Friend Bishop Gilber Earl Patterson. He shall never be forgotten. We were blessed to hear from great men and women of God as well as Civic and Political leaders in tribute to his service to our church our nation and the world. I pray that you were blessed to witness such an humbling service as this was. From beginning to end it was an annointed time. However, in case you missed the Live Telecast of the Homegoing services for Bishop Gilbert Earl Patterson, or wou ld like to have these memorial services to be apart of your home library, the recordings are being made available through Bountiful Blessings ministries. Please contact them directly by calling 1-800 544-3571 and order your tapes.

Good Night Bishop, We’ll see you in the Morning!

Min. Kenny Martin Jr.

"Lord Save Me"

What did you take from this Message?
How did it bless you, and what key points did you remember?

Article - ”My Favorite Sermon was…”


Do you remember a particular message that Bishop G.E. Patterson spoke that really touched you or ministered to you and stands out in your mind most. What a great time to share and reflect on the word of GOd as delivered by such a humble and available vessel of God. Thank God for our Bishop, leader and friend. Never forgotten.


My favorite G.E. Patterson Sermon was:………………………(Share it here with the saints & family)

And it was my favorite because………………………………………(Take some time to reflect and share here)

We remember you Bishop!

"David's day of Thanksgiving"

What did you take from this Message?
How did it bless you, and what key points did you remember?

"I'm an heir to the promises"

What did you take from this Message?
How did it bless you, and what key points did you remember?

"Salvation, Healing & Deliverance"

"Advice before the battle"

"Arrows of the Lord's Deliverance"

"You're just right for a Miracle"

"He Cares for you"

"The Breath of the Lord"

"This Same Jesus"

Tribute to G.E. Patterson

"The Prodical Son"

The Prodical Son - Bishop G. E. Patterson

"The Last Communion/The Blood"

The Last Communion/The Blood - Bishop G. E. Patterson